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Partnership with RINGER

See the news article about our partnership with RINGER here:

Meet our developer Kevin Adameck

Meet our developer Kevin Adameck.

Kevin joined us in February 2021 and is more on the quiet team of our software developers. Although „reserved“ is probably the best word to describe him, he is very reliable and always willing to help his colleagues out. Whether supporting his team or taking on new tasks himself, he loves what he is doing.

Before working with BIM², Kevin originally studied Games Programming. Therefore, he also loves programming in his free time, but in this case, literally, rather playfully.

Our Experiences with Remote Training

💭 Imagine: It is finally Friday, you are already looking forward to meeting friends for playing sports after you finish work BUT then you remember you have a scheduled training today which will probably run until late in the afternoon and you have to drive home in horrible traffic afterwards so you won´t be able to make it on time 🙁
What a pity, isn´t it?


💡 Luckily there´s a solution to this: Remote training.
Due to the circumstances of the pandemic, namely working from home and not being able to travel, and a resulting increase in digitalisation we switched from offering on-site training courses running for several days to remote training with the learning content being broken down into small units.

Besides the obvious advantages like saving travel expenses (either for your employees or the coach) or being able to stay in a safe environment, remote training offers many more advantages:

✅ Time Flexibility
Due to the learning content being broken down into smaller units you are more flexible with finding suitable dates for both the coach and the trainees. We recently received very positive feedback on that from our customer: Since they are usually loaded with daily work during the week, they can´t easily leave their workplace for several days to attend a training. Instead, it was perfect for them to schedule a meeting every Friday for two hours each in the morning and in the afternoon where they could actually make the time in between to learn something new.
In addition, it is also a lot easier to postpone training dates if there may occur any inconveniences e.g. if a participant gets sick.

✅ Individual Learning
This just leads to the next point which is individual learning. It is up to the customer how many dates they want to schedule, how many blocks they would like to go through in each session depending on how much time is available. This could be two hours a week, four hours every other day or the classic eight hours a day if you wish so. We also offer to record the training sessions and will provide them to you afterwards so you can go through them once more in your own learning tempo.

✅ Training on the Job
Another great thing about not having to leave your familiar work environment is training on the job. If you´re usually busy caught up in your daily work, your head might not be receptive to mere theory while you have a serious problem to solve. How much better would it be, if the training could actually help you solve a real problem? Remote training supports you in learning new skills at the workplace. You bring your project and apply what you learn directly. There is more flexibility topic-wise and better opportunities for addressing individual problems. Technology makes it even more beneficial and enables you to share your screen with others so they can learn from you too!
And bonus: it reduces stress when everyone can attend without having to go out of their way and leave their familiar environment.

✅ The Learning Curve
According to brain scientists learned lessons stick better with our brains if we revise them in regular intervals. Let´s be honest: if you just go there for one or two days and get loaded with tons of information all at once you won´t remember most of it the day after. However, if you schedule your training every week you will be able to process the information according to your own tempo and remember what you learned a lot better. It also gives you the opportunity to recap and ask questions that come up in between the sessions next time.

✅ Finding everything in one place
We opened a Microsoft Teams channel for each training customer where we would communicate with the trainees and have all the training documents in one place together. This also opens up another opportunity to ask for quick support in between the training sessions.


To sum up, there are really big advantages to individual remote training. However, it is not that practical for bigger groups and topics that require lots of interaction between the participants.
Nevertheless, due to the very positive experiences on both our customers and our employee’s side as well this became our new standard.

BIM²field Impressions

Are you on the digital planning side or on the practical site of the construction project?

BIM²field is where they both meet. The video shows how practical this approach is with some impressions of projects we have supported in the past. Our tool BIM²form enables you to visualize the designed process in 3D beforehand before you can take your digital plan with you on-site and see how it really works in real-life.

What are your experiences with BIM²field? Let us know in a comment!

Step Up the Game!

Digitalisation doesn´t stop in 2022. Time to step up the game!

What are your company´s resolutions and goals for 2022?
If you would like to digitalize your design work and deliveries you found this post just at the right time!

The industry has been lacking in the field of digitalisation ever since it started but when working with contemporary approaches such as Building Information Modeling companies could save a lot of money and enable a way better performance.*

With the beginning of the new year, your country might have introduced new funding opportunities for companies that use digital methods and approaches on their projects, and work on establishing standards to drive further a more digital construction industry. At least Germany is focussing on promoting such. We highly recommend checking whether your company is eligible for funding opportunities.

BIM² made it its mission to drive digitization in the construction industry further and would like to accompany and support you on your way.
We currently offer you our own Revit® add-in BIM²form which assists you with partly automated formwork design.
In 2022, we are planning to expand our offer further and are always open to different forms of collaboration.

Hit us up if you are interested in working with us.
Let´s #BIM2gether!

*Source: McKinsey & Co. See the source HERE.

Merry Christmas! 🎅

BIM² wishes you all merry and blessed holidays! 🎄

Since our team is not only interested in learning coding languages for software development but also likes to learn foreign languages on the side. So we decided to wish you a Merry Christmas in all the languages we speak ourselves or are currently learning as something special.

Comment if you can find your mother language amongst these or let us know how to say „Merry Christmas“ in your language! 🎅

Meet our CEO Tobias Wallner

Meet our CEO Tobias Wallner.

We may have many all-rounders among the BIM² team but Tobias is really the one. From planning the future of the company to keeping up customer relationships and even coding, there´s almost nothing he can´t do. He loves trying new things to learn from and is always open to facing new challenges. As a true leader, he is never hesitant to support his employees in any matter and always meets us at eye level.

His curiosity and ambition do not only show at work but are also present in his private life. When he´s not busy devouring any information he can get about the things he finds interest in, he loves playing any type of games or competitive sports, best together with his twins. And during busy and cold winter days, he reminisces summer, sun and the sea.

Glad to have you on board Tobias!

BIM²form Slab – Preview Future Developments

Since our Slab feature has been released a few months ago you may be wondering how the development is going to continue further.

With the context of our open innovation approach and in regards to transparency being something we value we would like to share some insights into our enhancements planned regarding the BIM²form Slab functions.

The future versions will continue even better design options for flex slab formwork with a focus on the optimized placement of primary and secondary beams. This shall also include the possibility to use the functions for the support of prefabricated slabs, where only primary beams including props will be placed, mainly in closed rooms.

We are also planning on adding design options to work with joists, slab offsets and overhanging slab edges to meet your specific project requirements and make BIM²form Slab more convenient.

And for fans of MEVA´s modular flex slab formwork MevaDec, we are already working on including the drop-head-beam method.

If you read until here and think none of the new functions is beneficial for you, you might be wrong. We´ll give you a sneak peek: New slab options will also be included for new manufacturers coming soon. 👀

In conclusion: stay curious, we got a lot of new functions to come!

To stay updated follow our LinkedIn page and check our website and YouTube for more details about the current slab features.
Contact us, we´d love to hear your feedback and send us a request for your 14 days free trial of BIM²form and experience the benefits of BIM²form yourself!

BIM² Strategie-Workshop 2021

Wir blicken zurück auf zwei tolle Workshoptage, die wir vergangenen Donnerstag und Freitag gemeinsam mit unserem Coach Dietmar Dengler durchführen durften.

Neben einem Rückblick auf unsere Entwicklung seit der Gründung von BIM² 2019 haben wir uns vor allem mit der Strategie und Zukunft unseres Unternehmens auseinandergesetzt. Es gab angeregte Diskussionen und wir haben uns für 2022 wieder einiges vorgenommen. Es bleibt also, wie immer, spannend 😉

Ein herzliches Dankeschön an alle Kollegen für die interaktive Teilnahme, Dietmar für die Durchführung, an die Organisatoren und das Digital Hub Nagold, dessen Räumlichkeiten wir nutzen durften.

Wir hoffen bald mal wieder eine Veranstaltung dieser Art durchführen zu können.

BIM²form Update 4▪2021

🆕 Our quarterly update is here! 🆕

The latest version of our Autodesk® Revit® add-in BIM²form is now available. With this release, we introduce the new family browser in the BIM²form Manage section, improved commands for slab formwork design as well as new and improved functions for placing wall formwork.

This version 21.4 is one step further to make your daily work even more comfortable and time-saving. For further details check the document attached.

Sign up for your 14 days free trial of BIM²form HERE.

Access the PDF file HERE.

The Construction Industry Faces Challenges

The construction industry faces challenges 🏗

Construction companies face many difficulties. The top challenges worldwide are effective risk management, followed by completing projects on time and budget, data security and workforce safety in particular.

Digital transformation offers opportunities to face these challenges and enables construction companies to ensure operational excellence and improved customer engagement by effectively coping with the difficulties mentioned and overall supporting infrastructure growth across world economies.

We look forward to facing those challenges together and would love to support you along the way by offering multiple services, for example, consultancy in BIM implementation. Don´t hesitate to contact us! Let´s face tomorrow together 🤝

Source: Autodesk Construction Cloud. Read the full article here.

What is new in Revit 2022.2

Autodesk® has released an updated version of Revit® 2022.

„We’re connecting Revit seamlessly to the CAD and BIM tools you use every day, so less design data is lost in translation, and you enjoy smoother handoffs between teams and project contributors.“

Improvements for Revit® Architecture include new features in these categories:

• Duplicate Sheets
• Snap to MIddle of Two Points
• Select all Instances Enhancements
• Find in Project Browser
• Category Name Search
• Pick any Level when importing or Linking CAD formats
• Duplicate existing family parameters
• Compatible shared parameters

• Revit Levels in FormIt Pro
• New file interoperability improvements

• Open any synchronized version of a Revit cloud model
• Generative Design in Revit updates
• Dynamo 2.12

… and some additional upgrades.
For further information check out the full article on Autodesk´s Revit-Blog

Meet our CAD Specialist Martin Scholder

Meet our CAD specialist Martin Scholder.

His multiple skills with the various Autodesk® products contribute to the success of BIM² every day. Martin is a real expert: He supervises the license management of AutoCAD, Revit and Inventor, provides support and administration, and does modelling and even training. When having problems with Microsoft 365 or SAP-CDESK, Martin is the one to reach out to for his colleagues as well. Besides that, he is also part of our sales team in Germany and keeps in touch with our customers here.

When he´s not busy working for BIM², he loves spending time with his dogs, or you´ll find him riding his bike, snowboarding, barbecuing, or playing computer games. His open and entertaining manner often brings a smile to our faces.

Glad to have you on board!

BIM²form Update 03-2021

🆕 Our quarterly update is finally here! 🆕

The latest version of our Autodesk® Revit® add-in BIM²form is now available. With this release, we proudly introduce the first version of the automated modular slab formwork design in partial steps.

Besides that, we made a bunch of improvements to offer you an even more comfortable and time-saving way to approach formwork design.
For further details check the document attached.

Sign up for your free trial of BIM²form HERE.

🌍 Learn more about BIM²form Slab.

Access the PDF file HERE.

FormworkPress VII: Slab Formwork Design 2.0 with BIM²form

🆕 We got NEWS! 🆕

The recent issue of FormworkPress* features an article on the upcoming new version of BIM²form Slab which will contain brand-new features for the automated design of slab formwork in partial steps.

Stay tuned! The new version will be released with the next update next week.

Read the article here:

Deutsch | English | Français | Nederlands | Magyarul | Español

*FormworkPress is a publication of MEVA Formwork Systems.


Meet our CAD Specialist Haiko Moritz

Meet our CAD specialist Haiko Moritz.

Haiko is our all-rounder: From AutoCAD to Revit, Inventor and EuroSchal he supports our customers and keeps in touch with them as well as with our suppliers. Besides connecting with our external parties, he gathers all kinds of information and supports the team with his modelling skills for Inventor, AutoCAD and Revit.

In order to stay fit, outside of work, he likes to move and creates pretty things from wood logs in his free time.

Glad to have you on board!

Meet our Business Administrator Michaela Schroth

Meet our Business Administrator Michaela Schroth.

Michaela supports the team wherever she can while keeping an overview of all the paperwork in the back office. Mainly, she is the one in charge of our Marketing and PR activities as well as the Accounting and Controlling.

Besides doing her best to make BIM² successful and the world a better place, she is interested in the human mind, languages and culture, and inspired by any kind of art, whether it be music, painting, literature or dance.

Glad to have you on board!

What is the biggest macro-economic barrier to rapid BIM success?

What is the biggest macro-economic barrier to rapid BIM success?

72% of the construction companies surveyed worldwide say digital transformation is a key priority to drive much-needed changes. Still, almost 60% are only in early stages one and two of five concerning digital change e.g. the adaption of BIM-based workflows.

Why is this? Join the discussion in the comments 👇✍

Source of Information: Autodesk Construction Cloud

Take the next step in Digital Transformation

More than half of the construction companies worldwide are still in the first two stages out of five regarding the digitalization transformation process.
BIM² supports you in taking the next step. According to your requirements, we offer individual advice on change management and support you in BIM implementation – and these are just two of our digital services surrounding our product BIM²form. Approach the challenges of digital transformation now together with us. Contact us.

Source: Autodesk Construction Cloud.

Including Formwork Design in the Building Life Cycle

Formwork design is a frequently underestimated yet important discipline in the overall building life cycle. But how can it participate in lean construction to gain a real benefit?

BIM²form is your key to intelligent BIM integrated formwork design. Our Revit® based add-in is an efficient tool that allows the software to support the designer in their daily challenges and therefore create a perfect human-machine interaction.

Make this YOUR benefit. Sign up for your 14 days free trial version of BIM²form now!

Source & Inspiration: LinkedIn.